Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tsk Tsk!!!

I totally hate my phone right now...

A couple of days ago, I was having issues with my phone's Skype app. I tried logging out of Skype and log back in. Well, my phone did not do what it was supposed to do (log me back in). I was tempted to uninstall the app and reinstall using my phone's Windows Phone Store. No Skype app found. I tried and tried and tried and tried and finally, I searched for an article regarding my app's current condition.

So basically, what happened is that Windows retired the Skype app from Windows 7 users (I got my phone updated to Windows 7.8) and it will no longer be available to anyone with a Windows 7 OS. It worked perfectly fine without the updates, I can do seamless video calls and chats with it, no problems. But with the BS article that Windows released regarding the issue, I can say that this is totally an unnecessary thing to do. My phone is a Windows Phone. Even if it was already phased out, iOS and Android still has it... Not yet retired from those Operating Systems... I am a fan of Windows and I am very happy with my phone. But when Microsoft bought Nokia, I guess that's when things went downhill...

I am actually thinking of moving to iOS or maybe going back to Android. Maybe then I will be able to utilize the apps for free and I will not have the displeasure of having an app retired from my phone because it's more accessible. To be honest, I am quite impressed with my phone. It's fluid, user friendly and super easy to use. I like my phone very much (BTW, my phone is a Nokia Lumia 900 - Windows Phone 7.8) and very much willing to buy another Lumia phone. But the way Microsoft is playing the field is really irritating. I know that iOS and Android are two very stiff competitors for Windows OS but Microsoft should have known better. I know that they're better than this and I am still hoping that they reinstate Skype on Windows 7 users like me. I will be more than willing to upgrade to a new Windows Phone device should this miracle happen.

But for now... I am super pissed off!!!

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