Saturday, September 27, 2014


I have been checking my previous blogs and I must say, I had a lot of time laughing my ass off from those previous posts. Haha! It was super funny. Not to mention that I was all too emotional from all the effing stuff I had to go through before. Haha! Oh golly. Haha!

I just turned 26 yesterday. It was a very good celebration. I celebrated with my family and with Ted. We just stayed in the house and it was sooo good. :) We finally had the net reconnected. It usually takes them 24-48 hours to reconnect the internet but yesterday only took a couple of hours. Hehe!

It was a very good birthday celebration. Though it was quite sad at some point because this is the very first time that I celebrated my birthday without my father. :'( Though I know he's also celebrating with us from heaven. I briefly smelled flowers last night, so must be an indication that he paid me a visit to wish me a happy birthday. :)

The video above is my birthday song. My nephews are super cute. :) I just love my nephews to bits. :)

I will be starting my work Monday at around 5 PM. I came back to Sykes so there. I also liked the account. I am again assigned as a TSR so there... I guess I should follow my sister's advice "Nasa I.T. ang pera" so even though I am used to being a CSR (and only became a TSR once in my career), I just have to check this out. So there. We're also not going to work in one of their sites. Heard that we will be deployed at the clients' site so it's another new thing for me. I'm also excited as hell. I hope for everything to sail smoothly.

It's also our 5th anniversary on the 1st of October. I hope I'd be able to give him something (like a token or something) and I hope that we can celebrate this anniversary of ours. Waaaahhh!!!