Thursday, August 14, 2014


As I made mention during my previous blog post, I am currently unemployed.

And I am now starting to feel the pressure of not working. For starters, I do not have enough money to pay for my utilities. And I noticed that I have become a very lazy person. I usually just eat, sleep and surf the net, etc. I am already looking for a job but it seems to me that companies don't even take a good look at my resume. I don't know...

I am not a college graduate.

I am currently on my third year of college but companies look for someone who earned a degree. I will... In errr.... two or three years? Not sure.

I do not want another callcenter job. I am not happy with being an agent anymore. It's hard and it's also making me feel oh so stressed. It's irritating. I just don't want to be one anymore.

I want to make a difference... I don't know how I will get this. It's hard.

I am already applying for jobs, even work from home type of jobs... I do not stand a chance in the corporate world if those corporate monkeys are always looking for someone who earned a degree. Eff this world.

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