Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Late Post!!!

Hey guys,

Sorry, I was not able to update this blog for almost three weeks now. Been busy doing all sorts of things lately. Mainly school stuff. This week is already our first block's "Hell Week" or Finals Week. Been super busy with my final requirements plus the pressures of exams this coming Saturday. Anyway, here's what I've been up to for the past few weeks:

1. I went to the Rainbow Loom Philippines' Loom Night
- Well, this took place last August 25 at McDonald's Wilson (San Juan). It was good, I met new friends (fellow loomers like me) and I got to chat with the supplier of original Rainbow Loom and Monster Tail here in the Philippines. I also met Ms. Raissa Puno  Diaz and she was our teacher for the night. :) I did not do most of the patterns because I already did those designs so I settled to talking with Ms. Marge instead. :) I also scored a set of jelly bands (refill bands) and a membership card as well. :) I love looming because it keeps me calm and I just like the thought of creating something cute and very wearable. I went ahead and made bands for everyone in the family. They're my guinea pigs haha!

2. One week (ish) stay at Ted's place
- Well, this was my favorite part. I just loooove being with my boyfriend. He makes me feel so comfortable and I just love him. :) I stayed at his place for almost a week and did practically nothing as I was not feeling good at the time. (I got fever) so he mostly took care of me that time. I just like it when he comes home from work and I am the very first person that he sees.

3. Attended classes at PUP-OU
- Well, this one's quite uneventful. There was a little skirmish one day before offline classes but I was surprised to know that no one actually spoke about it. Well, I was not the main character in that episode so I did not bother anyone asking about it. Haha!

4. Got terminated at work
- Well, I had this one coming. I did not care at that time since I got soooo tired of everything. So there. No one to blame but myself for this.

5. Went home and bonded with my family
- So I went home to be with my mom and my nephews. I just want to be with them as much as possible. I know that my father's death was a very big blow to my mother's life so I want to make sure that I am there to support her and make her laugh or talk to her. I do not show any emotion regarding this to my family. I guess I want them to feel that I am somewhat a toughie and I want them to see that I am stable. Though I know that I am already crushed and crumbled, I still want them to see that I am not in any way crying over these things. It might make my mom much sadder than she is right now. So there.

Basically, I am currently a bum looking for a normal Monday-Friday job with weekends off. I do not know what to do but I guess I have to roll with the punches.

There. That's how my week went by. Haha!

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