Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Of Designer Brands and Group Buying Sites....

Okay, I just got to post this because I heard something a while ago...

So my boyfriend's cousin told us earlier that a couple filed a case against a popular group buying site for selling fake designer items and calling these so-called items "authentic". Basically, from what I heard:

- A couple bought a luxury bag from the said group buying website for I think Php 6 thousand pesos or so (not sure of the exact amount...)
- They received the item just fine, but were a little bit iffy about the bag's origins
- They went to the store where the original bags are sold and asked if the product they received from the group buying site is really authentic
- Store inspected the bag and declared the bag as fake

So now what the couple did was they went straight to DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) to file for a complaint against the group buying website because they were selling fake items and declaring them as authentic or original. This is the first time that I am going to write something regarding this so if ever you are planning to get yourself a luxury brand or something from a group buying website, you must read these things first:

1. Just because the ad says it's original, does not mean that it is indeed original
- Surely, would you buy something that says "imitation only" or "fake" or "replica" on the deal itself? Let me tell you this: This is a tactic that all group buying sites use. You can not single out any group buying site that does not do this type of thing. It's a tactic to draw people's attention to the merchandise.

2. They only get the images of the merchandise from the internet. It's not always the real bags
- Obviously, this is for creative purposes. They get an image from the internet and paste it on the deal... BAM!!! They get people to believe that's it's actually the same thing. Hell, NO! It is not. Sometimes, you still get the "Made In China" tag inside the bag.

3. You get what you pay for.
- Seriously speaking, if you want to get a designer bag or any luxury item, you have to think... Why are they selling the items for more than half the price? Well, if you have the common sense, then you'll get the answer immediately... Because they are not really the original item you thought it was meant to be! Sure, sometimes the items that they sell also came from the same factory... But do not expect for it not to have flaws because the items that they sell are mostly rejects or overruns. You do not have the right to look for any authenticity cards, tags, protectors, and whatever marks of authenticity. If you want something that's really original and not fake, better head to the store itself. You're sure to get your very own authentic item there.

4. Don't even think of having the item authenticated at the store
- It's really ridiculous if you head to the store and ask the sales personnel to check if the bag is authentic. Because chances are, you will walk out of the store feeling embarrassed and at the same time enraged because they're probably going to tell you that it's indeed fake. So don't even bother. You know deep down that the item is fake. Stop with the false hopes...

Some tips when browsing through your favorite group buying sites:

1. Research before you click that "Buy" button
- Check the deal's Fine Print and details carefully. If it is for a food or service, check the participating branches. You might think that the branch nearest your vicinity is actually part of the deal when in fact it is not. Check the seller of the company of the deal first. If you have extra time, search Google and check reviews on the establishment. It pays to be a smart shopper. Sometimes, there are deals that require a minimum amount of vouchers before the establishment honors the deal. So make sure that you have the ample amount of vouchers (if necessary) to claim the deal that you purchased.

2. Check the Validity Date of the deal
- Sometimes, people get sooo excited to click the "Buy" button even if they do not read the deal's totality first. Another tactic of some group buying sites: They provide the validity dates on the very end part of the deal's creative article. You have to make sure that the deal is still valid come claiming time. Or else, you will just spend something for nothing at all. Total waste of money.

3. If you need to schedule or reserve for the claim date, do it at an earlier time
- This is the number one issue for people with vouchers... They usually procrastinate. "Wala pa yan, hindi pa end yung deal, pwede pa yan"... Is the usual thinking of these people with vouchers. What they usually do is that they will cram on the last week or last day of claiming. Sometimes sellers or establishments are unable to honor the procrastinators due to seating capacity, limited something, etc. So you need to reserve a slot at an earlier time or you might waste that voucher of yours for not enjoying anything at all.

4. You need to follow the rules.
- You are governed by the deal's Terms and Conditions. By clicking the "Buy" button, you agree to the deal's detail/s and you are expected to follow them. Need I say more?

Okay, they are not that horrible, come to think of it. But I would usually check the deals first before clicking the "Buy" button. As a general rule, you can never count on the items that they post as original or authentic. However, you can actually enjoy the services that they post like spa, manicure, etc and also the food deals (most of the time popular establishments have them) than the bags and accessories.

Oh well, I guess I will have to post some more should I come across something that's helpful.


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