Friday, August 15, 2014


Okay, I'm going to start ranting like a squirrel right now. I am just soooo pissed off right now...

I have this previous co-worker who actually requested for me to lend my card for a single purchase of 90 pesos. It's for a game. Being the kind person that I am, I said yes and let her continue with it. Come bank cutoff, I saw purchases amounting to 1K already. I told her about the charges and she said she's going to pay for it. I already resigned from the company due to internal issues with HR and no payments still. Until the charges ballooned to 4 thousand pesos already. Seeing that it's already a big amount and a huge issue, I went to my previous company to talk to her. She requested for the SOAs with the charges in question, so I complied. I even highlighted the charges and computed the totals per month, and it was also written on the topmost page of the copies.

I am currently out of job and we badly need the money. If I have a job and making lots of money, I would not be bothering her with these charges. Today is their pay day. I texted her, called her even and I only got the "she's busy", "she's doing something" crap that some people do when they want to escape or something. I received a text from my guy saying that she computed for the charges and there were some google charges that were not hers. And she does not like it when I call her on her mobile phone because it's a merchant phone and whathaveyous... And she does not appreciate what I am doing regarding the situation... It's like I'm wrong because I was asking her to pay. Whatthehell???

These are the things that I am super irritated at the moment:

1. YOU asked me to lend you 90 pesos. It ballooned to 4500 pesos. No pay after 7 freaking months!!!
2. YOU said "Yes, I will pay for it"
3. YOU said that you are just waiting for decision on the paycheck dispute. I understood and gave you ENOUGH time to make up for the payments
4. YOU even asked for the copies of the SOAs. My boyfriend did not approve of it but I still provided you with the copies so that you have a tangible proof of the charges
5. YOU asked for our account numbers so that you can deposit them already
6. Today is payday.
7. And now you are acting as if I did something wrong.
8. YOU do not reply to my texts, FB messages, LINE messages and calls
9. It's only now that you decide to get angry of the "charges" that were not yours. I messaged you gazillion times months ago about this and you only brought this up TODAY???
10. The best part of it: YOU are acting as if I have a huge debt to pay

I know that I did something wrong: I actually let her borrow the card. But I never thought that she will be such a HUGE liability on my part. The original amount that she requested was only 90 pesos. Had I known that this will happen, I would not have let her use the card.

My golly, I am super frustrated with this. And super irritated.

Burn in hell, bitch. Burn in hell...

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