Friday, May 27, 2016


I am thinking of olening this blog as a mommy blog-sort of thing. I am not yet fully decided though... Haha!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It's 5-ish AM. I am not sure why I'm still awake. There are just so many things happening in my life right now. I'd probably end up talking about some of them.

First things first! I finally have my baby! He is oh-so-cute and super duper energetic! He loves to play and he is just so easy to take care of. :) My little prince is my entire life right now. I Guess this is my life's purpose: to take care of my two boys.

I am now living with my husband. We moved in together a month ago and so far, there have been challenges mostly on the financial aspect of our new family unit but I am pretty sure that we can get through it all. We both moved out of our parents' house and moved in together... Just the three of us. :)

I am really enjoying motherhood! :) I already resigned from work to focus on my boys. I may not have any money, but I am pretty confident that I am able to effectively nourish my son. You see, I breastfeed him. We're doing this for almost 6 months now. I can say that he is doing really good. :) I am just soooo happy because I get to give my son the best milk there is. :)

Anyway, I will leave my post here. I will add updates as I go along. Hey, it's hubby's birthday tomorrow. Guess what? It's going to be our first wedding anniversary! So much has happened ever since the day we said 'I Do' but we still love each other to bits! :) So happy!!! :)