Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hello Dear Reader,

Just an update...

I am done with my assignment for school! Yay!

I am super happy because I worked hard for that freakin' assignment. Yay! Just couldn't hold my happiness. Haha!

Anyway, I did not do anything today. I got a text from 2 companies and they are asking me to attend their interview thingy. I don't know what to do. Anyway, I hope that I'll get a normal office job (day job, Monday-Friday with weekends off and no office during holidays...) I was waiting for that to happen but sad to say, it did not happen. Anyway, I would like to be a part of the normal people. I just hope it will come true sooner...

BTW, got to go, I have to get ready to go to bed, haha!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hi guys, I am currently studying (and blogging at the same time...) and I need a breather, I cannot simply write a five-minute speech right now. Anyway, it's a hard task considering the fact that:

1. I am having a writer's block
2. I am not a company CEO, nor an executive assistant or a speech writer for someone
3. I am feeling a little bit sleepy
4. I am slacking off for a bit
5. Did I mention I am having a writer's block?

Anyway, I asked my boyfriend to read my speech.. And laugh at it. I really don't know what to do!

I think I am having a little bit of progress with my work (I think) so I guess I have to continue what I am doing. Haha!

Will post about this later. :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sorry to bombard you with lots of posts. I don't know why I feel the need to post a lot of things on my blog. Maybe, it's something I need to do to keep me sane. I still have a lot of things to do with school. I have pending assignments in three subjects and we have a deadline set in two days. My goodness, haha! But it's okay, I can manage it... I can do it!

One of the few remaining factors why I want to finish school is of course, my mom and my boyfriend. Apart from the fact that I need to finish College to land a decent job, I think these are the main reasons why I want to finish my degree. Well, my boyfriend wants me to retain my single name (well, bear my father's last name) when I graduate. He then promised my mom that the only time that we can then marry is after my graduation. So there... And my mom is actually holding on to that promise. I am currently a third year College student, but with sooo many subjects left behind during my first two years of academic life. Well, I guess I just got too lazy to accomplish things. But this time, I would like to take things seriously. I am not getting any younger.

Let me explain how the Open University system works (well, at least with my school)

The thing is, if you enroll in PUP Open University, there are only two degrees offered -  Entrepreneuship and Broadcast Communication. I am taking up Broadcast Communication. What happens is that you get to have pretty much (I think) the same amount of subjects a normal student has (full load). Per semester, we get to have 10 subjects. Here comes the good part... The 10 subjects will be separated into two blocks. Meaning, you get to attend the first 5 subjects during the first block and the remaining 5 will be taken at the remaining half of the semester. You only go to school twice a month (Saturdays) and most of the work is done by yourself. Same goes with major subjects. You do all the research and reading. On the third and fourth session you get to take your midterms and finals. Easy? Well, it depends on the subject actually. But it's attainable.

The school aims to help people who wants to continue their degree. This actually caters to working students that's why they made the system like that. I have no issues whatsoever with the system, I am actually enjoying my stay and I have friends. It's like attending a normal school. Haha! The best part? I only pay around Php 4,000 - 5,000 per semester. It's very affordable. :)

So I guess I am actually enjoying my stay. I wish to graduate in time. I want to graduate already... Oh my!


I got my URL back!!!

I used to have the same URL waaaaaay back. But then someone hacked into my account and deleted my blog. Someone then used my URL to create a new "blank" blog. I guess since it was not anymore active, it got deleted. Anyway, I am back to my old URL... So happy!

Hmm, what happened with me since 2007, you ask? Well, to give you a rundown of things:

- broke up with my ex, found a new guy, broke up with him, found a new one (we're turning 5 years this October! Woohoo!)
- I already have two nephews care of my older sister. :)
- Now attending school. I'm already on my third year of College. If you will be asking how old I am, I am 25, turning 26 this year. And yes, you read right... I am on my third year of College. I'll talk about it later on)
- Dad died 3 months ago due to COPD and complications. I am still sad and still coping with the loss. Will post about it later on
- resigned from my old work, found a new job, resigned again, found a new job, resigned again, found a new job, was forced to resign (with HR bullying me and all that stuff...), found another job and now... Bound to be terminated any day now...

Not so good recap, right? I don't know... I seem to have lost the "fire" that keeps me going... I don't know. I am not motivated, I am insecure and I am not getting any better jobs because I am still an undergraduate. I am attending an "Open University" - a school that caters to those people who are already working and wants to have better career opportunities. It's actually PUP Open University - or "Sintang Paaralan" as others say.

I am still having a "writer's block" of some sort. I have been like this since 2006. I don't know what happened with me but yeah, still unable to write. So if you have any issues with what I am writing about right now, I am so sorry. Now you know why you are reading this crappy article about a whiny 25 year old. Haha! But I wish to improve on  it...

I currently have so many insecurities right now.. Well, career-wise. My classmates seem to be on the roll with their careers. Some have high positions or pertinent jobs already and this leaves me with nothing. I have never been this down in the dumps. But lately, I grew tired of everything and I just want to stop and not think of anything. I can't seem to find my real purpose, my true career path. I want my career to be something else. I don't want to be stuck in a call center, taking calls and just stomach the customer's angry rants, complaints and whathaveyous... I want to be someone who enjoys her job so much and will hold onto it as much as possible. I want to be a great person. I want to earn a lot. But it seems that I cannot do so given the circumstances. I just don't know what to do.

This is the very first time that I felt something like this. Oh dear Lord, I pray for a better chance of employment, while at the same time, please give me a chance to finish my degree. Just a few semesters left, I need to be someone pertinent.

I think I am having some sort of Quarter Life Crisis. Sheesh!

I just feel so lost, and I feel as if everyone my age are already having the time of their life. I am lagging behind them. Life used to be so easy... But now, everything seems to be messed-up. I don't know how long will this last but I am still on this stage. I wish for this to go away.