Monday, April 27, 2015

Updates, updates, updates!!!

It's been a while since I last blogged... Well, so many things happened over the course of six months. I must say I am happy with everything that's happened to me. :)

Well, for the most part, I am happily married to my boyfriend of five years (Ted). It's just a simple celebration, nothing really fancy. The funny part is that I was late for two freaking hours, mainly due to the traffic and the tardy people around me. It was really crazy 'cause they thought that I was going to run from it. Haha! But no, it went smoothly after my arrival. :)

Another big step in our relationship is that we have a baby on the way. I am 20 weeks pregnant and I am already sporting a baby bump as well. :) I am really happy and excited because this is our first baby. :) Baby is already kicking and wriggling (so cute!) and I can't wait to meet him (I think it's a baby boy). Of course hubby is also excited. He would always kiss my tummy and talk to the baby. He's really a great support system for me. :)

I am being promoted from JG 5 to JG 7 because I was chosen to be part of some project in the office. I like tha fact that it's going to be some sort of promotion but I don't think I can survive it. We're set to work during nighttime and I am definitely NOT a night person. I guess after I give birth to my child, I'll just focus on taking care of my husband and child for a few years. I want to be a hands-on parent because I don't trust anyone anymore. Plus, I know I can manage it.

All-in-all, I am happy with what I have right now. Though we are not yet living together in one roof, I think I can manage it. Here's to NEW BEGINNINGS! :)

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